9 O'clock service  
Time: 9:00 AM  
Morning Glory  
Time: 10:15 AM  
Bible Study  
Time: 7:30 PM  
Noon Day Prayer  
Time: 12:00 PM  
  Men Ministry

To help and assist men with their testosterone territory, which allows them to understand that real men do cry and don't mind sharing with another man.  It also challenges men to really become men, not only of their homes but in their community and to become a leader worldwide and too dialogue in such manner that by the time they leave this ministry they will decree and declare the priesthood that God has ordained for their lives.  And most of all, to be a great father, husband, son, and an awesome man of God.

Calvary Outreach Fellowship Center
920 NW 9th Ave
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33311
Phone No : 954-394-2000

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