9 O'clock service  
Time: 9:00 AM  
Morning Glory  
Time: 10:15 AM  
Bible Study  
Time: 7:30 PM  
Noon Day Prayer  
Time: 12:00 PM  
"Pastor Brown and his wife First Lady Angela Brown keep it real. They are truly walking in the Word and they show us the blessings that are there for us in the Word of God. Their ministry is truly Awesome and the church is spirit filled. Thank you"
Rena McGill - Coral Springs, Fl
"It's such a blessing to be apart of a wonderful ministry where you are surrounded by loving, and caring people. I thank God for First Lady and Pastor Brown since joining the church in 2001 my life has changed dramatically."
Sis Serena - Fort Lauderdale
"When I first visit this church I was dealing with a lot of hurt and pain. The love that is present in the ministry is mind blowing. God is doing amazing things in the house of Calvary under Pastor Brown and Fist Lady Brown. I'm not going NO where."
Patricka Turner (Sister Renee) - Coral Springs
"Yes thanks pastor Brown for changing me and teaching me to know god more than I did before and giving me advice!!!!!"
Sis taytay - Deerfield Beach fl
"I've heard many great about this church from my good friend Karone Brown who is actually the pastors son. I hope to visit one day."
Syreeta Cotton - Deerfield Beach
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