9 O'clock service  
Time: 9:00 AM  
Morning Glory  
Time: 10:15 AM  
Bible Study  
Time: 7:30 PM  
Noon Day Prayer  
Time: 12:00 PM  
  Women's Fellowship

Where the women of God can come and let their hair down and have open discussions about everyday issues.  This ministry teaches women how to be virtuous women of God, empower them to be holy and humble, having good character and conduct through open discussions and games.  There's also a potluck dinner at the end of each gathering.  If you've never attended the Women's Fellowship, make it a must to attend the next one.  This ministry meets quarterly.

Calvary Outreach Fellowship Center
920 NW 9th Ave
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33311
Phone No : 954-394-2000

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